• Permanent Yellow Lemon

  • Indian Yellow

  • Golden Lake

  • Orange Lake

  • Avignon Orange

  • Brown Stil de Grain

  • Permanent Red Deep

  • Primary Red Magenta

  • Permanent Violet Bluish

  • Payne's Gray

  • Primary Blue Cyan

  • Green Blue

  • Permanent Green Deep  

  • Cupric Green Deep

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Q.  Are there certain color mixes of Maimeriblu paint that Sterling uses frequently?

A.  Yes, here is a list of some of his most popular and special color mixes:


      Citron...Mix Orange Lake with Permanent Green Deep

      Russet...Mix Permanent Violet Bluish with Orange Lake

      Black...Mix permanent Violet Bluish, Orange Lake, and Cupric Green Deep

      Royal Blue...Mix Permanent Violet Bluish with Cupric Green Deep

      Burnt Sienna...Mix Orange Lake with Brown Stil de Grain

      Ultramarine Blue...Mix Primary Blue Cyan, Permanent Violet Bluish, and Payne's Gray

      Spring Green...Mix Permanent Green Deep with either Indian Yellow or Permanent Yellow Lemon. 

      Earthy Pine Green...Mix Brown Still de Grain with Cupric Green Deep

      Warm Gray...Mix Primary Red Magenta with Cupric Green Deep (let the Magenta dominate)

      Cool Gray...Primary Red Magenta with Cupric Green Deep (let the Cupric Green Deep dominate)

      Southwest Sandstone Red...Mix Avignon Orange with Brown Still de Grain

      Autumn Grass...Mix Brown Still de Grain and Indian Yellow

      Golden Yellow...Mix Golden Lake and Permanent Yellow Lemon